Assembling the PhoneGap BlackBerry 10 Workshop

Gord Tanner (@gordtanner)

Michael Brooks (@mwbrooks)

Fil Maj (@filmaj)

Let's clear up some confusion

It's spelled Apache Cordova

It's pronounced PhoneGap

- Simon MacDonald (@macdonst)

Now onto assembling your dev environment

We could show lots of slides about this

But that would suck

We are not going to do that

You don't code in a slide show

// here is some code that you will never read,
// because you probably can't see this tiny font
// from your seat in the audience.

document.addEventListener('deviceready', function() {
    console.log('omgz the devices are alive!');

Neither will we


Gord Tanner (@gordtanner)

Michael Brooks (@mwbrooks)

Fil Maj (@filmaj)